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Agility Classes

Agility Classes 

· Class sessions will begin on the first week of January, March, May, July, September, and November. There will be six class sessions per year, and all classes will be structured to run for six weeks within the two month period.

· Built-in extra weeks will accommodate instructor travel, holidays and weather-related cancellations.

· If a session has more than six available class weeks during the two month period, that instructor can take a night off, or choose to organize a workshop or fun run on the bonus week(s).

· Classes will be offered in an organized progression with prerequisites for advancement through the class structure as follows:

Once teams have completed both Intro classes (blue), they will move into our Intermediate-level courses (pink).  Once those classes have been successfully completed, students will move into the Monday night core classes.  These classes are offered on a rotating basis and students may choose to take two classes on the same night, if desired.  These classes must all be successfully completed for placement into one of the competition classes held on Tuesday evenings or Wednesday day and evenings. 

Registrations for Thursday Classes (taught by Jen and Janel) and all of Lori's classes (Monday-Wednesdays) are currently being done via our online booking system (click the "Book Now" button above). 

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