All Star Dog Sports will host a variety of seminars and workshops. Information will be posted here as it becomes available.

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>>>>>>>>Coming in 2020<<<<<<<<<

In It To Win It Seminars

with Cassie Schmidt and Lori Michaels

Do you run a course with confidence and determination?  Are you running just to qualify or are you really working to find the best path, fastest handling options and fully trusting your teamwork?  In these seminars, we will tackle sequences and practice multiple handling options to discover what works best for you and your dog and which skills you need to solidify to have more option available!  You don't need to be already competing at the top level, but just posses a desire to become a better teammate for your dog!  

Remaining 2020 Dates:

July 31-August 2

October 30-November 1

Better Reinforcement Strategies 

with Liz Randall and Rachel Down

August 22/23 

Back by popular demand!!! The vast majority of issues in agility (or any training, for that matter) boil down to the trainer's understanding of how and when to apply reinforcement, and the mechanical skills that go along with that application. Dogs that stress up or down do so because they do not understand how, when, or where reinforcement will next appear. Dogs that consistently fail to perform in the ring do so because of reinforcement history (or lack thereof), but what is it exactly that is being rewarded? Offered previously as a one day seminar, and as a lecture, Better Reinforcement Strategies for Agility Dogs is now a two day seminar! We will be discussing learning theory, reinforcement methods, mechanics, markers words, engagement protocol, and much more! This isn't your typical "agility seminar" where you will run courses, but a seminar that will teach YOU how to problem solve your issues on your own! This is a working seminar, so bring your dog and be prepared to improve your communication, shaping and reinforcement skills!

Workshops with Lori Michaels

    Lori will be teaching a variety of weekend workshops at ASDS the Weekends of January 18/19, March 7/8 and April 4/5.  Please see her private website for more information and registration: