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3/18/16 Update!!!

The turf arrived bright and early on Wednesday and our installer has been working meticulously the last few days. There are just a few finishing touches to be completed early next week.

Here is a photo journey of the transformation!

The first roll coming off the truck. They each weigh close to 850#!

Stacking the rolls before bringing them inside.

The first roll is in the building!

Rolling out the "green carpet"!

A close-up of the turf. It is very springy!

Meanwhile... David and Cassie work to hang the new sign!

While Lori works on organizing the office...

...assembling some purchases...

...and driving herself crazy lining the shelves with contact paper!

Solei, Mooz and C-ya wait for the toys to arrive!

Now the floor is all covered and awaiting the final touches!

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