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Exciting News!

We are ecstatic to announce that we are expanding! The tenant of the building attached to ours has moved and we have negotiated terms to lease it. It is roughly 2500 square feet, has 2 additional restrooms and lots of wide open space!

The main incentive to lease the new "Annex" (as Cassie has labeled it) is to allow for plenty of crating at trials in an area separate from the agility ring. This area is more than double what we have currently for crating and will eliminate the need to crate on the turf (yay!). This will also allow clubs to have vendors at trials and we even have a quiet room for a massage person at events! There are also plenty of electrical outlets all along the walls for plugging in fans. Other benefits of leasing the entire property is the fact we will not be limited on our parking for events and can use the entire outdoor area for walking dogs.

In addition, we are organizing more learning opportunities in our Annex! Nosework, Rally, Conditioning, Trick training, Conformation handling and much more. If you or anybody you know of is a positive, talented instructor looking for a top-notch facility to teach, please send him/her our way!

The space will also be available to rent separately for events such as training workshops, non-agility competitions (Barnhunt, Nosework, etc), meetings, Fun Matches, health screenings, etc. If you belong to a club looking to host an event in a space smaller than our main arena, connect with us and we will be happy to see if we can accommodate!

The area will have heating and A/C installed and we are working on purchasing rubber matting for the floors. Stay tuned for photos and updates!!!

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