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We're Just Getting Started!

It is wonderful to see our facility being enjoyed by so many people! The month of May brought the addition of Cassie's classes on Monday and Tuesday evenings. We also began offering Family Manners classes instructed by Lotta Sydanmaa Cpdt-ka with a CGC class starting this week. There have been numerous Open Practices offered for agility competitors and the arena is getting good use for private lessons and rentals for practice times. The front of ASDS also got a nice dressing-up with 5 beautiful flower pots donated by Michelle and Alice Reinkemeyer.

May 21/22 marked the first competitive event held at ASDS with Casa de Canine's UKI trial. Thanks to Ann Koenig and everybody else who attended and assisted! The smaller trial afforded all of us the opportunity to learn what worked well and what needs some tweaking for future, larger events. It is exciting to see those from the local clubs who have vast experience with hosting trials work together to figure out schematics to make things more seamless in the future (crating, seating, traffic flow, etc). We are fortunate to have such a dedicated group of individuals offering their expertise! Our crating area had plenty of extra space and a lot of people chose to crate our of their vehicles and feedback on that was very positive.

We had a great response on the ring-gate advertising! They have worked wonderfully on Monday and Tuesday evenings when the arena is split for 2 classes and did a nice job of "hiding" the equipment stored along the sides during the trial. While they were used as ring fencing for the UKI trial, I believe they will be mostly used along the north side of the arena to separate extra crating space and regular ring gating will be used along the front side for easier viewing.

Please be sure you sign up for our mailing list if you want to be kept up to date on the schedule of activities! Coming events area Greater Kansas City Dog Training Club's UKC trial June 11-12, Casa De Canine's UKI trial July 9-10 and 3, one-day agility seminars with Dudley Fontaine August 8-10 (various skill levels). Michele Sickles of To-The-Point Canine Massage will be offering times at ASDS. The first date is June 25. We are working to put more open practices on the schedule for the next few months. For those interested in renting the arena for private practice, please e-mail

Oh, and the owners of ASDS are still racking up air miles outside of running a growing business! Cassie with Bliss will be traveling as part of Team USA to France for the Euorpean Open in July and Lori with Solei were selected to represent the USA at the 2016 FCI Agility World Championships to be held in Spain in September!

A few photos from the UKI Trial:

We will have more available seating for future trials and work to keep better traffic flow in and out of the rings.

Those crating out of their cars got "preferred" parking.

Ann marked off the crating space and everybody did a great job of using minimal space- we had plenty between this and those who crated from their cars.

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